• October 2018

    With fall festivities in full swing, we’ve got you covered from Eco-friendly tips for a sustainable Halloween, to simple steps to start an organic compost program at your local school.
  • September 2018

    Parts of the world that will be gone in 100 years: There are definitely more than a handful of places in this world that won’t be around in our grandkids’ lifetime.
  • August 2018

    CleanRiver is thrilled to announce that we have proudly partnered with Recycle Across America.
    * RAA created the first and only society-wide standardized labels for bins to make it easy for people to recycle right wherever they are.*
  • July 2018

    The summer has been fabulous but it’s been a scorcher. Do you have the right recycling bins to stand up to this weather? Check out CleanRiver’s 6 Tips To Buy The Best Outdoor Recycling Bins For Your Program.
  • June 2018

    Get excited because SUMMER IS HERE!!
    School may be out but it’s the perfect time to recharge and reflect on your school’s recycling program. Student engagement is key to a successful program so we got the perfect article to add to the top of your summer reading list: How To Motivate Students To Recycle.
    Get your game plan together for the fall.
  • May 2018

    Spring has sprung, and as the weather warms up you may notice that your outdoor Recycling Bin graphics could use a little love. Keep your recycling program going strong by regularly updating your bin graphics to reflect any changes in your stream collection.