Example Questions for Your Waste Hauler


Ask these questions when you are investigating your current waste hauling contract with the goal of reducing your waste hauling costs by optimizing your program.

  • What streams is your waste hauler able to collect?
  • Do recyclables need to be separated or does the hauler have a MRF to separate recyclable material?
  • What is the acceptable contamination level in the recycling stream?
  • Will you be penalized for a higher level of contamination? And if yes, what are the penalties?
  • Are there any charges for the processing of the recyclable materials? Will you be charged the same price for the collection of recyclables as garbage?
  • Will you receive a rebate for the collection of recycling?
  • Does your waste hauler allow for contracts to change over time as new guidelines are set and new facilities become available?
  • Where do the recyclables go after they have been picked up and processed?
  • Are there more rebates available to you based on an increase in the amount of recyclable materials diverted from the landfill?
  • Does your contract automatically renew? Or will your waste hauler notify you of when it is up for renewal so you can review the terms and conditions?
  • Does your waste hauler collect when you call and notify them that the bin is full or do they come on a regular schedule whether the bin is full or not?
  • Do you receive weight tickets after pickup? If not, why not?
  • Would it be financially beneficial for you to separate your high grade white paper based on volume?

This is an overview of the questions you should be asking your waste hauler. If you would like more information or guidance on what you should be asking your waste hauler, please call 1-888-646-4246 or email tom.lembo@cleanriver.com to set up an appointment, we would be glad to help.

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