Recycling Grants

Here’s a list of some of the current recycling grants available. Take advantage of the free funding for recycling bins, call us for more information at 1-888-646-4246 or email solutions@cleanriver.com.


Alabama Recycling Fund Grant Program

Where: Alabama

Recycling grant available to local governments, authorities, and non-profit organizations for use in developing, implementing, and enhancing local recycling, reuse and waste minimization projects and programs.

Total Grant Amount: $1,500,000


The Community Champions Program (ABCRC)

Where: Alberta

The Community Champions Program (CCP) is a grant program that’s specially designed for organizations in Alberta. ABCRC provides funding for specialized recycling bins (indoor and outdoor) and program start-up support to CCP, providing more accessible and convenient out-of-home opportunities for recycling.

Total Grant Amount: $20,000


Beverage Container Recycling Grant

Where: California

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) administers funding programs to assist organizations with establishing convenient beverage container recycling and litter abatement projects, and to encourage market development and expansion activities for beverage container materials.Eligible applicants for this grant program include California cities, counties, other local government entities, Joint Powers Authorities, special districts, public colleges and universities, public K-12 school districts, non-profit organizations

Total Grant Amount: $1,500,000


Illinois Recycling Grant Program

Where: Illinois

Eligible materials are restricted to paper fiber, plastic, metal and glass.Eligible applicants include local governments, for-profit, and not-for-profit businesses or organizations and colleges and universities (K-12 schools are not eligible for funding)Grant funds for the purchase of capital equipment such as recycling carts/containers, collection vehicles, balers, processing machinery, etc. and project necessary expansion and modernization costs

Total Grant Amount: $1,500,000


Iowa Solid Waste Alternative Program

Where: Iowa

Material Collected: Recyclable, Compost & WastePurpose: to reduce the amount of solid waste generated and landfilled in Iowa. Providing financial assistance to aid in the implementation of solid waste management projects and public education projects.4 Cycles a year: January 2, April 1, July 1, October 1

Total Grant Amount: $1,000,000


Litter Abatement Grant

Where: Kentucky

Litter abatement grant funding is available to county and city governments. The grant recipients shall use grant funding for “direct expenses” associated with public road cleanup and city street cleanup requirements


Recycle Everywhere (CBCRA)

Where: Manitoba

The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) implemented and operates the Recycle Everywhere program. Founded in 2010, CBCRA is a not-for-profit, industry-funded organization whose membership includes beverage brand owners and distributors.CBCRA is committed to reaching the government-mandated target of recovering 75% of beverage containers sold in Manitoba.

Total Grant Amount: Free Recycling Bins



Where: Minnesota

BizRecycling will work with any type of business or organization located in Ramsey or Washington County. Examples include office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, manufacturing plants, schools, nonprofits, places of worship, hospitals and other health care facilities, and other institutions. These recycling grants can help you kick start or reinvigorate your existing recycling program.

Total Grant Amount: $10,000


Minnesota County Recycling Grant Program

Where: Minnesota

The Metro County recycling grants help businesses move forward with recycling faster and easier by offering up to $10,000 in recycling grants and free, onsite consultations.

Total Grant Amount: $10,000


Litter Reduction and Recycling Grant Program

Where: Nebraska
Purpose is to provide funds to support programs to reduce litter, provide education and promote recycling within the State of Nebraska

Total Grant Amount: $1,800,000


Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Grant

Where: Nebraska

The Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Fund provides grants to assist in financing sound integrated waste management programs and projects.

Total Grant Amount: $100,000


Nebraska State Recycling Association Recycling Equipment Grants

Where: Nebraska

The Nebraska State Recycling Association has grant funds available for the purchase of recycling equipment. The grant is open to Nebraska municipalities and other government entities, non-profits and recycling companies.

Total Grant Amount: Up to $15,000


OSS Solid Waste District’s Competitive Funding Grant

Where: Ohio

The Competitive Funding Program was created to provide funding to local governments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations for solid waste programs.Allowable expenditure – Recycling containers – The purchase of recycling containers to implement or expand a recycling program in your organization. This could include desk side containers, collection containers, etc
Total Grant Amount: $1,200,000


Recycling Equipment Grant Program

Where: Tennessee

The Recycling Equipment Grants program enables local governments and non-profit recycling organizations working with local governments to purchase key pieces of recycling equipment.

Eligible Projects: These include roll off containers, skid loaders, shredders, scales, assorted styles of collection containers.

Eligible Applicants: City or county governments, non-profit recycling organizations working with local government.

Total Grant Amount: $400,000