• June 2016

    This month we’re looking into into two of the biggest challenges our clients face with their recycling programs. Firstly how to engage your program users, and secondly how to monitor success of the program – are people actually using it properly?

  • April 2016

    This month CJ May who was the recycling coordinator at Yale for 20 years, shares his Top Tips for recycling organics at special events.

    Also learn 5 easy steps to doing your own waste audit. And don’t forget to download our new How-To guide for waste audit success. 

  • March 2016

    This month we’re investigating what to do with all the empty pizza boxes that accumulate in work spaces and higher education campuses. Are we able to recycle them?
    Also we look into some top tips for game day recycling. These tips can be applied to any facility hosting events for large crowds.