TIM36-2 rev1
TIM72-3 rev1
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TIM36-2 rev1
TIM72-3 rev1
Black 72
Black TIM 36
TIM 72 Grey

The NEW Transition® TIM Light

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Office Recycling and Waste Container

The NEW TIM LIGHT takes everything you love about the Transition® TIM and simplifies and standardizes it for a high impact but cost effective bin. The TIM is the most flexible office recycling and waste bin available. Heavy-duty casters allow the bin to be moved for cleaning.  The front opening doors mean servicing is quick and easy. The Transition® divider allows you to change number and volume of streams. The high impact backboard graphics increase the effectiveness of your recycling program.

How It Works

Choose Your Bin Colour:


Choose Your Graphics & Opening Shapes:


timVideo: See how it works
See how it works

  • Ideal for office buildings, central location recycling and hallways.
  • Front service, top deposit recycling container.
  • Allows for consistent multi-stream collection in space constrained areas.
  • Portable for ease of cleaning and service.
  • Rigid Transition® liner with unique bag tie system.
  • Includes high-impact backboard graphics.
  • Choose from 3 color options & 6 standard graphics and opening shapes.
  • Made from recycled plastic lumber.
SKU Image Weight Capacity Streams Dimensions
TIM36-2 80 lbs / 36.30 kg 36 USG / 136 L 2 23.75" x 18.00" x 37.50" / 48.75"
TIM72-3 135 lbs / 61.30 kg 72 USG / 272 L 3 47.50" x 18.00" x 37.50" / 48.75"


Match all compartments, or mix
and match different colors to
each compartment.

  • Dove Gray
  • Raven Black
  • White

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