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  • Flex E™ bin


    Collect up to 3 streams in 1 container

    Transition® technology allows you to add or remove streams in a snap! Our innovative top plates snap in place with no tools required. So you have peace of mind that your bin will change as your recycling program changes.

  • LeanStream

    Starting at $115.00

    LeanStream is an affordable and customizable solution that takes the pain out of waste & recycling with the same easy to use, high-quality functions and features of more expensive waste stream products. Durable, versatile and compact, it easily adapts to your business needs - whether you're looking to start or supplement a recycling program. Recycling is smart, the LeanStream makes it simple

  • The NEW Transition® TIM Light

    NEW Price starting at just $659.95

    The NEW TIM 2.0 takes everything you love about the Transition® TIM and simplifies and standardizes it for a high impact but cost effective bin. The TIM is the most flexible office recycling and waste bin available.

  • The WasteFinder Accessible Waste Disposal

    Starting at $79.00

    The WasteFinder is a series of tactile signage indicators that are placed on the placed on the ground surrounding a waste container. It enables individuals of all abilities to independently and effectively locate waste containers and to dispose of their waste in the appropriate stream.

  • Transition® TIM

    Single stream starting from $930.00

    The TIM is the most flexible office recycling and waste bin available, it allows for the collection of one to eight streams in one container. Heavy-duty casters allow the bin to be moved for cleaning and the front opening doors mean servicing is quick and easy. The Transition® divider allows for changes in the number and volume of streams. Includes high impact backboard graphics to increase the effectiveness of your recycling program and is available with optional door posters.

  • Sustainable Sanitation Stand

    Our portable, no-touch hand sanitizer stand ensures your facility, employees, and visitors stay safe & protected from high traffic areas. 100% recyclable.

  • 1 Gallon Sustainable Sanitation Stand

    A sustainable solution to ensure your facility and patrons stay safe and protected.

  • Transition® CleanStation

    An effective and sustainable way to be prepared for opening your business.  Help to keep your facility clean and prevent the spread of bacteria and germs by collecting waste.

  • Excel Top Deposit PPE Station

    This sturdy container is built to withstand heavy use in high traffic areas both indoor and outdoors.  The high visibility central graphics and large opening  that is accessible from both sides help people dispose of their PPE effortlessly as they walk by.

  • Transition® TIM PPE Station

    The most flexible office container is now available for PPE collection.  The TIM allows for collection of one to six streams allowing PPE to be easily integrated into your waste and recycling stations. As part of the CleanRiver Transition family, the TIM PPE Station allows you to feature proof your program whether you are collecting PPE now or in the future.

  • Excel Dome Top PPE Station

    The Excel Dome Top PPE Station is designed with a curved roof which protecting everything inside of it from the elements making it the ideal outdoor container. The high visibility central graphics and large opening that is accessible from both sides help people dispose of their PPE effortlessly.

  • Wipe Collection Container

    This 8 gallon container is designed to collect sanitary wipes in small spaces.  The top shelf design is crafted to house sanitary wipe containers ensuring users can properly use and dispose of sanitary wipes in high contact areas.


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