When to Mini Bin™

See how the Mini Bin can benefit your recycling program

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The Mini Bin Program can be customized to work in many different workplace environments. See how it can work best for you.

Before you implement the Mini Bin Program, you should evaluate your current waste management program, existing recycling and waste containers, the level of participation from employees, and their awareness of the program.

Conduct a waste audit to see how effective your current recycling program is. Are there high volumes of recyclable materials still going out in the garbage? If so, you are paying more for waste disposal than you should. You need to capture these recyclables, reduce your waste, and help your bottom line. And this is where the Mini Bin Program can help you out.

The Mini Bin Strategy

  • Replace all standard deskside garbage cans with desktop Mini Bins, getting senior management approval when required.
  • Have a recycling container beside each desk to handle day-to-day recycling. Check with your waste hauler to see if you can commingle your recycling or if you need to separate it into certain streams.
  • Install centrally located recycling and waste containers. Employees will now be responsible for emptying their Mini Bins into central garbage containers directly into the central containers. The custodial staff will be responsible for emptying the centrally located containers only.
  • This can be a huge paradigm shift for employees so it’s imperative that you create an in-depth communication program to cover these changes to the program.

Mini Bin Results

  • When the Mini Bin recycling program is properly implemented, you will realize dramatic reductions overnight.
  • Employee involvement and awareness will increase and they will see the difference that they are making to the environment.
  • The visual effect of the Mini Bin is “less is better” and this will result in a conscious effort to produce as little garbage as possible.
  • There should be a reduction in waste removal and disposal charges. At this point, depending on market conditions and your recycling contract, you should be able to see an increase in income from recyclables. You can (re)negotiate your custodial contract to reflect the change in duties. Now that the custodian does not have to go desk-to-desk emptying garbage bins and recycling bins, it may be possible to reduce the price for the contract. Or the custodian may use the “saved” time to do other duties like dusting, etc.
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    See how the Mini Bin can benefit your recycling program

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