Mini Bin™ Cost Savings

Mini-Bin-GoldBenefits and Savings of the Mini Bin Program

To see the results that can be achieved with the Mini Bin recycling program, let’s look at an environment with 1,000 people using traditional under-the-desk garbage cans and liners along with a desk-side recycling container.

Calculations are based on the following:

  • The average office worker generates 2.2 pounds of garbage per day.
  • The average office worker works 250 days per year.
  • Cost of waste disposal is $100.00/ton
  • Custodial savings are based on $9.00/hour/cleaner, cleaning 350-400 bins per night.
  • Under the desk garbage can plastic liners $0.04/bag, three times a week.

Current Costs

Cost of Tipping Fees:
$100/ton/day (1,000 employees x 2.2 lbs) x 250 days – $25,000.00

Cost of Under-the-Desk Garbage Can Plastic Liners:
$0.04 x 3 per week x 52 weeks (1,000 employees) – $6,240.00

Custodial Costs to Empty Garbage Cans:
2.5 workers x 8 hours x $9.00/hour x 5 days x 52 weeks – $46,800.00

Total Cost: $78,040.00

Potential Costs When Mini Bin Recycling Program is Implemented

(based on minimum reduction of 50% less garbage)

Cost of Tipping Fees:
$50/ton/day (1,000 employees x 2.2 lbs) x 250 days – $12,500

Cost of Mini Bin Liners*:
$0.04 x 1 per week x 52 weeks (1,000 employees) – $2,080.00

Custodial costs to empty bins**:
Workers empty their own bins – $0.00
Liners for central bins (1 bin for every 15 employees) x $0.04 – $416.00

Total Cost: $14,996.00

Total Savings: $63,044.00

Average savings per employee $63.04.

*Mini Bins do not necessarily require liners and are often used without. Due to their small size, they can easily be rinsed out in the sink if they become soiled.

**Depending on custodial contract terms, the savings of the Mini Bin recycling program can be realized immediately through negotiations or the custodians assuming “extra” duties. There will be less savings if the custodians now assume the task of emptying the central collection containers. 

Information based on studies from:

  • National Office Recycling Program USA
  • Environment Canada “No Waste” Program

More Benefits:

  • The Mini Bin serves as a constant visual reminder to reduce garbage. On the desk and ‘in your face’.
  • Very little paper fits into the Mini Bin so people have to change their wasteful habits.
  • A reduction in garbage means a reduction in tipping fees and transportation costs.
  • Increased recyclables can potentially (depending on market conditions and existing recycling contract) lead to increased savings.
  • A savings of $50 per person, per year can be possible if custodial contracts are renegotiated to reflect reduced labor time in not having to empty garbage bins.
  • You can use reduced waste and increased recyclables’ figures to put together a public relations campaign to give a profile of your savings.

The Mini Bin Program is saving a minimum of $50.00 per employee annually when combining:

  • Reduction on tipping fees;
  • Savings on garbage can plastic liners; and
  • Savings on custodial costs.
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