Implementing The Mini Bin™ Program

Introducing your Mini Bin recycling program for maximum results

The biggest thing to recognize about the Mini Bin Program is that it will introduce change in the workplace. Many people welcome change. Many people don’t. So you have to find a way to introduce this new recycling program efficiently and effectively. Here are some suggestions about the steps to take and roles to fill for your best results:

Appoint a Program Champion

Identify a Mini Bin Program Champion who is responsible for pulling together all the elements that will ensure the success of the program.

Get Senior Management Approval

The Champion makes a presentation to senior management in order to receive approval to proceed with the new recycling program.

Implementation Team

The Champion pulls together key people to help implement the Mini Bin recycling program. Ideally the Implementation Team should consist of representatives from these areas:

  • Facility/Property Management
    These are the individuals who run the building. They must be brought on board immediately so they understand how the program will affect the management of the building.
  • Service Contracting
    All current contracts for recycling, waste removal and disposal, and custodial must be examined to see if renegotiation is possible to reduce costs.
  • Communications

Communication is probably the most important element in setting up, implementing, and supporting the Mini Bin Program. Once senior management approval is received, communication planning can start, and be sure to include a program launch.
  • Health, Safety, and Union

Introducing a new recycling program will affect all these areas. It is better to keep their representatives up to date on what is happening from the start.

Green Team Reps

The Champion uses the Implementation Team to help identify volunteer staff to become Green Team Reps. These people are essential to the success of the program as they educate their colleagues and assist the Champion in putting the program together.

The Mini Bin Program really works but it needs input from all the above areas to do so. You will reap benefits from setting up a strong implementation strategy.

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