Frequently Asked Questions

As with most new and unique programs, the Mini Bin™ generates a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of a few commonly asked questions regarding the implementation and usage of the Mini Bin.

How can the Mini Bin hold all my garbage? It’s so small.

You can now recycle almost everything that comes across your desk. The amount of ‘real’ garbage left is very little, so the Mini Bin will be big enough.

Why do I have to empty my own garbage? That’s not what I get paid for.

The Mini Bin may only need to be emptied once or twice a week, so it’s not a great inconvenience. It can be done during one of the many times you leave your desk. In order to make the program work, everyone has to be involved.

What happens when I leave food stuff and items that make a mess and smell? We don’t have composting in our office.

If you eat lunch at your desk, it’s best to put food scraps directly into the central garbage bin or compost. Promote the use of litter-less lunches. Mini Bin liners are available for use in the Mini Bin, but they must be thrown into the central garbage bin every day.

I handle too many courier packs during the day – where will they go?

In this situation, request a larger recycling bin. Most of the courier packs can be recycled if the plastic is removed or look into more eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Why do we need this new program? I thought we were already recycling.

Our “Before” waste audit shows that there is still a tremendous amount of recyclable materials going into people’s garbage bins. By replacing garbage bins with Mini Bins, we reduce the possibility of people not recycling.

How will we know if the Mini Bin Program is working?

We will conduct an “After” waste audit. Then we will compare the “Before” and “After” waste audits to see the progress of the program.

How do I know what to recycle and what is garbage?

There is an updated list of recyclable materials available. If you have any further questions on this, please call the recycling coordinator.

What if I don’t want to go along with the Mini Bin Program?

The Mini Bin Program has been adopted by senior management as a real way to reduce operating costs, and as such, all employees are expected to participate to all our benefit. Custodial staff will no longer go from desk-to-desk to empty garbage bins, so ultimately you are still responsible for emptying your garbage.

My desk is too small and cluttered. I don’t have any room left to put the Mini Bin on it.

If someone gave you a box of chocolates to sit on your desk, you’d find space for it, wouldn’t you?

If you have further questions about the Mini Bin program please contact us. We would be more than happy to talk to you about the program and your goals.

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