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Implementing a commercial recycling program in your facility can be a seamless process with the expertise of CleanRiver

We specialize in creating tailored recycling programs for a wide range of multi-use buildings, including concert venues, convention centers, schools, large corporations, and retail spaces.
A shining example of our success is the Enercare Centre in Toronto, the largest facility in Canada. With over a million square feet and millions of visitors, their recycling program, developed in collaboration with CleanRiver, has achieved an impressive waste diversion rate of nearly 85%, surpassing the city-mandated target of 70%.

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One key factor in their success

is the clear and informative recycling bin graphics. With a diverse clientele, the visual cues make it easy for visitors to understand proper waste sorting. Additionally, the Enercare Centre has embraced organic recycling, utilizing compostable packaging and utensils throughout the venue, resulting in reduced waste.

Count on our expertise, innovative products, and strategic guidance to enhance the effectiveness of your facility’s recycling program and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

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Design your perfect recycling solution with our 3D Bin Configurator.

Create custom recycling bins tailored to your specific needs and facility requirements.
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Ready to optimize your waste management strategy?

Explore our Waste Audit Toolkit Service and gain valuable insights into your waste stream.

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