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Resorts, Hospitality & Leisure

Discover a world of possibilities and elevate your space by implementing a captivating public-facing recycling program.

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At CleanRiver, we firmly believe that incorporating eco-conscious practices within your hotel, golf course, marina, or any other entertainment destination not only makes a significant impact on the environment but also changes consumer perception of your venue.
By fostering a culture of sustainability, your venue becomes a destination where unforgettable memories merge seamlessly with a powerful sense of purpose.

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Outside of recycling,

CleanRiver also works with customers to create custom pieces that are directly tailored to your specific needs. These personalized elements act as brand beacons of your venue, creating a profound connection with visitors, enhancing comfort, and subtly promoting prolonged stays. They feed into the consumer perception, resonating with the attention to detail, quality, and exclusivity that today’s consumers value, instantly differentiating your venue from competitors.

By investing in custom-built options such as towel racks, specialty shelving, and planters, you’re infusing an exceptional blend of functionality and style that resonates with your brand, ultimately driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth. Unleash the full potential of your venue, inspire your guests, and offer them an experience they’ll want to relive and share.


Design your perfect recycling solution with our 3D Bin Configurator.

Create custom recycling bins tailored to your specific needs and facility requirements.
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Explore our Waste Audit Toolkit Service and gain valuable insights into your waste stream.

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