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Step into a future of progress and responsibility as CleanRiver revolutionizes the way government facilities operate.

We believe that government lies in the collective efforts of its people, and by implementing a visionary recycling program for government employees, we pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient tomorrow.
With CleanRiver’s comprehensive recycling solutions seamlessly integrated throughout your facilities, employees will be empowered to embrace their role as environmental stewards, turning workplaces into hubs of positive change.

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CleanRiver has worked with the Town of Whitby to address the challenge of limited recycling options in parks and recreation centers.

To increase recycling rates and reduce cross-contamination, CleanRiver introduced four-compartment recycling bins, providing residents with more recycling streams in public spaces. The bins were accompanied by a “Sort it Right” theme, incorporating signage and educational materials to help residents easily and correctly sort their waste. With 31 recycling bins deployed, the program’s success will be measured through a comprehensive waste audit.

Let CleanRiver propel your facility to new heights, where sustainability meets success one recycled item at a time. Together, let’s create progress that leaves a lasting imprint on both the environment and the hearts of the people we serve.


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