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Elevate your corporate ethos by embracing a cutting-edge recycling program for your esteemed employees/consumers. We firmly believe that implementing a recycling initiative within your offices not only exhibits commitment to the environment but also paves the way for enhanced customer loyalty and positive brand perception.

By providing designated recycling stations for our clientele, we empower them to play an active role in reducing their ecological footprint, fostering a sense of shared responsibility towards a greener future.
One success story comes from Graybar, a leading distributor of electrical and communication products. Initially, office recycling was not a priority, with recyclables often ending up in the regular trash cans due to limited accessibility to recycling bins. To shift this behaviour, CleanRiver introduced Mini Bins at each desk, accompanied by the label “This is all the garbage I make.” Additionally, desk-side recycling containers were “removed” and centralized stations were installed to encourage employees to be responsible and conscientious of the waste that they were producing.

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The impact was remarkable, with Graybar’s waste diversion rate increasing from a mere 15% to an impressive 65%.

By providing accessible and visible recycling solutions, CleanRiver helped create a recycling culture where employees actively participate in waste diversion efforts. Join us on this transformative journey towards a sustainable tomorrow and make your brand synonymous with ethical innovation.

Together, we can achieve greatness – one recyclable at a time.

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