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At CleanRiver, we firmly believe that hospitals and healthcare centers can play a pivotal role in both patient recovery and environmental preservation by embracing a comprehensive recycling program for employees and consumers alike.

Hospitals generate a substantial volume of waste, making effective waste management and recycling programs crucial. CleanRiver understands the unique challenges faced by hospitals and provides tailored recycling solutions to address their specific needs.
Our recycling bins and containers are designed to streamline waste sorting and recycling processes, ensuring proper disposal of various materials within the complex hospital environment.

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The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

made its recycling program a priority and reached out to CleanRiver to help increase their diversion rate and make their program more effective and user-friendly. Like most hospitals, SickKids is a large facility with many common rooms, food service areas, patient rooms, and offices each producing a variety of waste. After conducting an in-depth waste audit, CleanRiver discovered rogue bins that complicated recycling efforts due to the quantity and lack of bin signage.
Imagine your staff, driven by a sense of purpose, meticulously sorting recyclables, knowing that their efforts directly contribute to reducing waste and conserving resources. Picture your patients and their families finding solace in the fact that their healthcare journey aligns with a responsible, eco-friendly approach. CleanRiver not only ensures a seamless integration of recycling bins throughout the premises but also provides educational resources to promote awareness and understanding of the program’s impact.

As your healthcare facility becomes an example of sustainability in the industry, a positive shift in consumer perception follows suit, elevating your brand as one that truly cares – not just for health, but for the world we inhabit. Unite your staff, patients, and visitors in a shared vision of a greener tomorrow. Reach out to CleanRiver to help transform your healthcare facility into a beacon of environmental stewardship.

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