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Indoor Bins

PCR Flex E™ bin

Collect up to 3 streams in 1 container

Go from single-stream to double-stream to multi-stream in a snap. Transition® technology converts your 50 gallon bin in 5 minutes with our snap-together opening system. You won’t ever need three bins again!

What is PCR Plastic?

PCR plastic is derived from plastic waste that is collected and processed into pellets to take on a totally new form and purpose as a manufactured good.

Choosing bins made of Post Consumer Recycled plastics (PCR) is a solid and sustainable cornerstone of every results-driven waste diversion and recycling program. It is also a very noteworthy and responsible way to divert waste from landfills and oceans, while actively participating in the growing circular economy.



Versatile and flexible to solve almost any recycling need

Prevent Contamination: Help direct more waste into recycling with high-impact graphics. Lids include ultra-clear stream labels on both sides, plus get optional base and backboard labels.

Servicing Made Quick & Easy: Streamline the service and maintenance of your bins with the vented design and optional hinged lid that allow for easy bag removal. Plus our unique bag tie system quickly secures bags in place.

Keeping It All Together: High-strength aluminum connectors keep your bins securely attached to each other.

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Available Colors (customize colors by selecting circles below)

Raven Black (PCR)
Indoor Bins

PCR Flex E™ bin

Product Details

The Flex E bin is an economical, stackable solution perfect for any recycling need. Our unique snap-together opening system allows for effortless conversion to single, double or 3-stream configurations in just minutes—no tools required! Crafted from durable materials & designed with convenience in mind, this is a great option for an affordable introduction to recycling.

  • Ideal for offices, hallways, back of house spaces
  • Customizable high impact base labels and bin graphics
  • High-strength aluminum connectors for easy attachment to separate units
  • Transition® technology allows for quick stream addition or removal
Features Weight Capacity Streams Dimensions Image
FLEXESTD-1 20 lbs / 9.10 kg 50 USG / 189 L 1 24" × 21" × 33.63"
FLEXESTD-2 20 lbs / 9.10 kg 50 USG / 189 L 2 24" × 21" × 33.63"
FLEXESTD-3 20 lbs / 9.10 kg 50 USG / 189 L 3 24" × 21" × 33.63"
FLEXESTD-1-BB 20 lbs / 9.10 kg 50 USG / 189 L 1 24" × 21" × 42.50"
FLEXESTD-2-BB 20 lbs / 9.10 kg 50 USG / 189 L 2 24" × 21" × 42.50"
FLEXESTD-3-BB 20 lbs / 9.10 kg 50 USG / 189 L 3 24" × 21" × 42.50"

Opening Options

Hinged Lid 9” x 9”
LARGE Diamond 6.375” x 6.375”
Large Round 9”
Oblong 5” x 9”
Rectangle 5” x 9”
2” x 9” x 5”
Slot 2” x 9”
Small Diamond
4” x 4”
Small Round 5”
Square 9” x 9”
Custom openings can be made with minimum order quantities

Design your perfect recycling solution with our 3D Bin Configurator.

Create custom recycling bins tailored to your specific needs and facility requirements.
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