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All CleanRiver Recycling bins are high quality and made in North America. We also offer custom printed labels which not only look great for your brand, but have been shown to improve contamination rates by as much as 52%. Buy direct with CleanRiver and save with manufacturer pricing on each bin.

Why Buy CleanRiver Recycling Bins?

  • No Markup. Buy Directly From The Manufacturer.
  • Future Proof, Pain Free. Customize The Streams To Meet Any Future Need.
  • Save Money. Our Bins Are Proven To Improve Your Contamination Rates.
  • Made from Recycled Material. CleanRiver bins are manufactured out of 97% recycled HDPE.
  • Branding. We Offer Customized Design And Graphics That Look Great For Your Brand.
  • Custom Labels. Our Labels Are Proven To Help Your Program Succeed.
  • High Quality. All Of Our Bins Are 100% Made In North America

"I can’t tell you how much this container is getting praise around here. The Public Works Director attended an Executive Management Team meeting in that conference room at City Hall with the new unit, and he was sure to let me know that the container received several compliments. These will catch on like wildfire in that beautiful old building that needs better recycling options than just a dumpy blue pail.

Thanks so much for providing us such a beautiful custom container! Alameda is clearly a big CleanRiver fan! This is not our first, nor our last, purchase."

- Kerry Parker

Program Specialist, City Of Alameda

"We made a major purchase of two different CleanRiver units for our campus. In both locations, our newly renovated student center and our athletic fields, both aesthetics and function were of utmost importance. The CleanRiver TIM and Excel Slant top units ended up being perfect for the locations. They look great and are very functional. Thank you also for the great customer service through the process!"

- Natalie Berland

Manager of Sustainability, Bentley University

How Do I Start A Recycling Program?Choose A Bin

How Do I Start A Recycling Program?

Creating recycling programs that work is our purpose. We understand that getting overall recycling rates up and motivating people to participate in a new program can be tricky; but we’re here to help.

CleanRiver has moved beyond the familar ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ towards a more environmentally sustainable approach called the 3C’s of recycling: Culture, Communication and Collection. Our innovative, flexible and customizable recycling products are constantly evolving with the industry to meet any environmental and legislative changes.

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How Can Customizable Recycling Bins Save Me Money?

It would be great if we were all in a position to make business decisions based solely on the desire to create a greater good for our communities and planet. However, we all know that business decisions need to make financial sense.

Recycling bins are more than just a means to divert waste from landfills, they are also an asset that can help drive funding for your sustainability initiatives. In some cases, it can take less than 2 years for your recycling program to realize payback on your initial investment. Now that’s ROI!

Future-Ready Recycling Bins Save You Time & Money.

1. Custodial Savings

Our patented bowtie system is faster and easier to use, increasing efficiency and saving your staff time.

2. Contamination Savings

An effective recycling program will result in less contamination which will often save you money on waste hauling costs. We also offer custom labels which have been shown to improve contamination rates by up to 52%.

3. System Savings

Customizable bins offer the ability to change the garbage/recycling streams to meet your demands. This means that you don’t need to replace your recycling bins every time your recycling mandate changes.

4. Labour Savings

All Future-Ready bins can be customized to meet the optimal setup for every business, making management more efficient and saving you money.

5. Efficiency/Scale Savings

As your recycling needs grow the individual streams can be customized to meet new demands. This can help reduce the number of bins needed to reach your recycling mandate.

1. If The State Or Province You Live In Updates Recycling Mandates.

In this case, you may be required to update your recycling program in order to hit a new mandated recycling goal that they have set (E.g by 2020). In order to do so, new recycling streams would potentially need to be added in order to decrease contamination rates.

2. When Common Recycled Products Change.

You may need a larger stream to support growth of a new product that needs to be recycled. For instance, if your workplace introduces a new coffee shop on the premises, the number of coffee cups needing to be disposed of will increase. In this case, you would most likely need to implement an additional stream to accommodate for this type of recycled material.

3. When Contamination Rates Get Out Of Hand.

If your facility is experiencing high contamination rates, a revamp of the current recycling program is probably needed. One way to achieve lower recycling contamination is to include graphics indicating what materials are acceptable in each stream along with the stream title. Studies show waste bins with these types of graphics can reduce contamination rates by 50%. We can custom print these types of graphics to feature on your waste bins at any time!

Before You Start, Did You Know? There are 3 Common Scenarios That May Affect Your Recycling Program.

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Flex E™ Bin

Starting at $234.95

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Collect up to 3 different waste streams all in one bin. It's versatile and flexible, providing more features at 10% less than comparable bins.

Office/Facilities Recycling & Waste

Transition® TIM

Starting at $870.00

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Our most popular and flexible office recycling and waste bin. Collect from 1 to 6 streams in one chic design.

Flexible Office Recycling & Waste

Excel Dome Top

Starting at $775.00

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The Excel Bin is designed with a curved roof which sheds rain and snow while adding an attractive design element to the bin.

Colleges, Universities, Malls & More

Transition® Commercial (TMF)

Starting at $715

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Powder-coated metal recycling bin provides consistent multi-stream collection for space constrained areas. High impact backboard graphics and multiple opening/ colour options.

Medical Facilities, Universities & Offices

Slimline Indoor Station

Starting at $430.00

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Lid magnets and innovative bag clips allow for easy servicing. Sleek and compact, the Slimeline is ideal for narrow spaces such as hallways and meeting rooms.

Narrow For Fire Code Compliance

Transition® TXZ

Starting at $980.00

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This all-purpose bin is flexible enough to use indoors or outdoors. The front openings and slanted roof keep the elements out. Visible graphics keep your streams clean.

Food Service, Universities & Parks

Future-Proof Bins

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Free Customizations On Any Bin

Your recycling needs are as unique as the business you are in and your
recycling bins should be treated no differently. CleanRiver will work
with you to design and manufacture a customized solution to fit your
specific needs. Choose from our variety of options to customize your

Customize Your Colors

Choose from a variety of colors and design options to make sure your recycling bins fit your aesthetic requirements and municipalities mandates.

Customize Your Graphics

Clear, concise graphics build program awareness, and when people recycle correctly, stream contamination is vastly reduced. They can also be swapped out with new graphics to adapt with changing needs.

Customize Your Streams

It’s extremely important to keep all your waste streams together. Add customs streams based on the waste your organization produces and divert more waste from landfill.

Customize Your Opening Shapes

A variety of opening shapes accommodate different materials.  From glove shapes to paper slots, restrictive openings prevent other materials from getting in, and keep your recycling streams clean.