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Mini Bin

Most of the waste generated in an office building is recyclable and the Mini Bin is designed to make users think before they toss. By removing the standard size waste container and replacing it with a 1.5L (0.4 USG) Mini Bin, users develop pride in reducing the amount of landfill waste they generate.

Mini Bins can be ordered blank, with a “This is all the GARBAGE I make!” imprint or with a custom imprint of your own logo or message. The result is a much more environmentally friendly office and often, a significantly increased ROI as savings in hauling, tipping fees, janitorial servicing, and more are realized, as waste is diverted from landfill and redirected to appropriate vendors.

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Forest Green
Raven Black
Specialty Products

Mini Bin

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Learn more about the Mini bin on the Sustainability page.


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