Community Initiatives

CleanRiver strongly supports sustainability from within. In fact, we have a Green Team that meets once a month to monitor and improve the level of sustainability we achieve every day. We operate on a waste-free philosophy, recycling any scrap materials produced during manufacturing as well as our bins themselves. This philosophy, along with initiatives like using Mini Bins and promoting litterless lunches, helps our facility divert more than 95% of our waste from landfill.

We also support clean renewable electricity and are proud to be a bullfrogpowered company. Other energy initiatives include using motion-sensing light switches to ensure lights are not left on accidentally; using natural light and custom blinds to cut down on heat transfer and reduce our electricity usage; and replacing metal halide lighting in our manufacturing facility with T8 Fluorescent fixtures resulting in an energy savings of 65%. 

2016 Sustainability Report

And that’s not all. Below are a few more initiatives we are deeply passionate about that help our community – and help our environment.