Our Team

  • Bruce1

    Bruce Buchan, Founder and CEO

    A lifetime environmental entrepreneur and founder of Midpoint International Inc., the parent company of CleanRiver®, Bruce has been instrumental in the development, promotion and support of recycling programs, legislation and policies.

    Over the last 25 years, he worked with thousands of companies, colleges, and other facilities to improve their recycling programs. His industry expertise is valued and sought out in speaking engagements, including the 2010 Earth Day Celebrations inside the Pentagon.

    Both CEO and “recycling ambassador,” Bruce works with recycling advocates on ways to improve waste stream management and programs to make recycling more effective.

  • Hugh 1

    Hugh Caines, General Manager

    A results-oriented professional with over 25 years of experience in plant/facility management, manufacturing operations and engineering, Hugh has a successful track record in leading and implementing lean manufacturing principles, and transforming organizational culture to support and sustain those principles.

    Hugh is a highly effective leader with additional background in HR, Health & Safety, finance and administration as well as ISO certification standards. Hugh’s passion is in providing a great customer experience, by developing employees and delivering exceptional business results through the use of lean principles. Since being appointed to V.P. of Operations, he has taken on a broader organizational leadership and mentoring role in order to ensure the organization is well positioned for growth.

  • crteam-04jen

    Jennifer Lyall, Manager of Technology and Operations Support

    A dedicated Information Systems and Technology professional, Jennifer leads both the IT and Graphics departments with a focus on continuous improvement. Jennifer is responsible for ensuring graphics designed and produced in the facility meet or exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery and agility.

    Jennifer’s drive to streamline processes is invaluable when leading kaizans which identify areas for operational improvement. As a member of the senior management team, Jennifer plays a pivotal role in HR within CleanRiver and has previous experience leading our Marketing support and Sales Administration team. Jennifer has been instrumental in successfully securing grant funding, leading cost savings initiatives and implementing an ERP system.

    While Jennifer’s core passion is technology, her other passion is the environment. She constantly strives to use technology to implement CleanRiver’s core sustainability values.