Visual Waste Audit

Conduct our Visual Waste Audit to assess where you can save on resources.
Download the PDF template and follow these steps:

  1. Collect all garbage in clear bags from all bins throughout your facility for a period of 3 typical consecutive days (not during special events, etc.). Put bags in a central location and label each with the date, location and waste stream collected e.g. recycling, compost or garbage.
  2. Weigh each bag and record.
  3. Perform a visual audit on each bag of waste and use the Visual Waste Audit template below to record the contents of the bag, including the percentage of stream contaminants (anything that shouldn’t be in that stream).
  4. Take pictures of contaminants to communicate with your organization so that everyone can work on throwing their waste into the proper stream.

Calculate your diversion rate:

You now have a very detailed picture of what is happening within different areas of your business for analysis at a later time. To calculate your diversion rate, you’ll need the total weight of recycling, compost and garbage collected by your organization and the following formula:


Once you have your current diversion rate you can set diversion rate targets for your organization and implement best practices such as ensuring you communicate your program throughout your organization, use clear instructional graphics to increase user adoption rates and making sure your custodial staff are on board with your program. These help ensure your program constantly evolves and improves on your journey to the ultimate goal of zero waste.