Implementing a recycling program shouldn’t be a pain.

“We made a major purchase of two different CleanRiver units for our campus. In both locations, our newly renovated student center and our athletic fields, both aesthetics and function were of utmost importance. The CleanRiver TIM and Excel Slant top units ended up being perfect for the locations. They look great and are very functional. Thank you also for the great customer service through the process!”

– Natalie Berland, Manager of Sustainability, Bentley University


Implementing a recycling program shouldn’t be a pain.

We’ll help you create standardized programs across campus that reinforce positive user behavior and decrease your contamination rates.

From multiple stream bins for every classroom to our specialized Pizza Bin for every dorm floor, we have a wide variety of options and styles to meet the specific recycling and waste needs of your campus.

You’ll find solutions for all areas of your campus. Call 1 (888) 646-4246 or email to talk to one of our campus recycling experts today.

Top 10 Tips for Campus Recycling Success


Solutions for Campus Recycling Program Funding


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Campus Recycling has become one of our specialties.

We’re proud to partner with sustainability leading campuses like Université Laval, Wilfrid Laurier, University of Bentley, Yale University, University of Carolina Long Beach, Ryerson University, University of Pennsylvania, Laurentian University, Trinity College School & Coastal Carolina University to name a few.