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Century College Overcome Frustration By Standardizing Their Recycling Program


Century College’s recycling program was causing frustration. The bins around campus weren’t a consistent style, and with different bins for waste and recycling collection the bins were often getting separated.

Separate bins cause frustration for the janitorial team who must move bins back into place. It also increases contamination in the recycling streams as students and staff are forced to use the only bin available.

Kris Price, The General Maintenance Lead at Century College, tasked herself with finding a better solution. Price spent a few months in the critical research stage. She looked at over 15 recycling bin suppliers in her search for effective recycling bins, before deciding to partner with CleanRiver. Price says her biggest deciding factors were price and aesthetics.


“CleanRiver gave us a unified bin that supports both recycling and garbage, so campuses didn’t have to have the different bins scattered around. With our previous bins the janitors were constantly having to move the garbage and recycling bins back into the most effective spots.”

Century College ordered 90 of the Flex E™ bins and retrofitted their West and East campuses. The new bins have waste and recycling all in one bin, and according to Price they were a big hit with the janitorial team.

“Everyone loves the bins because they look nice and are easy to use. The campus looks unified now there aren’t different bins scattered around”.

The benefit of having a consistent look to your recycling bins and signage is it helps people make the right choice at the bin and reduces your recycling stream contamination rate.

The new standardized recycling program has taken the frustration out of recycling for the janitorial team, who are the first line of defense in any recycling program.


Price also has the peace of mind that the Flex E™ bin is able to change as her program changes, so if she needs to add or remove streams down the road, the Flex E® bin can adapt with the program, protecting her investment. In working with CleanRiver Price says:

“Ricardo was quick and helpful he never left questions unanswered and was very timely with his communication. CleanRiver is a reliable, affordable and trusted company”.


For more information on how you can standardize your recycling program and protect yourself against future program change, call our Sustainability Advisors today at 1 (888) 646-4246 or email