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Toronto Transit Commission

TTC transports up to 70% of their office waste from landfill.


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) takes their impact on the environment seriously; diverting concrete, metal and asphalt waste from landfill. As part of their environmental goal the TTC wanted their Surface Facilities locations across the GTA to do their part and become “No Waste Offices”.


The TTC recognized that to be successful they needed to empower their employees. John Tran, Senior Construction/Service Contract Inspector, says “We wanted to encourage people to change their mindset about the waste they generate.”

To achieve this shift in culture the TTC implemented a centralized recycling program. Each employee was given a desk-side recycling bin with a small waste bin attached to it. The employees were then asked to empty their desk-side recycling and waste bins into central recycling containers located at high traffic areas within the office.

Communication was a key component in the TTC’s program. Tran says “An email was sent to each department head before they received the new bins, letting them know about the new “no waste office” program. This messaging was then trickled down to the employees.”

Branding the program as “no waste office” and making sure everyone knew about the program ahead of time gave the department head at each office location a chance to promote the new recycling program and talk about the benefits and goals. This led to it being fully embraced by the employees when the containers arrived.

A good recycling program is constantly evolving. Tran says that when they decided to replace the battery collection stream in some of their containers with organics they simply ordered a new set of graphics and replaced them in the bin. “It was easy to change the signage on our bins, it’s great to know our CleanRiver containers can change with us” says Tran.

Currently the TTC collects organic waste in their kitchens and lunchrooms. Tran mentioned they’d like to start collect organics in their office locations too. Because they have Future Ready Transition containers, they will easily be able to add or remove any streams at any time, which protects their initial program investment.

Currently the TTC collects organic waste in their kitchens and lunchrooms. Tran mentioned they’d like to start collect organics in their office locations too. Because they have Future Ready Transition containers, they will easily be able to add or remove any streams at any time, which protects their initial program investment.

The TTC receives a recycling rebate for their mixed paper collection. The restrictive openings and clear graphics result in clean streams which is vital for receiving waste hauler rebates.

Tran says “We are happy with our CleanRiver recycling bins they are very durable and they’ve helped us contribute to diverting up to 70% of waste from landfill”.


  • Assisted TTC in achieving up to 70% diversion rate across their office properties.
  • Financial return with mixed paper rebate.
  • Easily updated their program with quick change graphics.
  • Future Ready program means they can easily add organics collection to their existing bins.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“At Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club, we were seeking a sustainable solution to expand our recycling and waste collection program. Most golf specific suppliers for these products are out of the United States and overpriced. CleanRiver worked with us to create custom solutions for managing the collection of various items including scorecards, pencils, towels, recycling, and waste. We are very happy with the end results and look forward to expanding our products to enhance collection at our practice facilities as well as on the golf course.”

Chad Thomlinson
General Manager & PGA Executive Professional

“I wanted to follow up with a thank you note. We have received our bins and installed them throughout our facility. They are spectacular. See pics attached.

Jim, sincere thanks for the grant funding and allowing us to really elevate the look of our building. It’s amazing what a difference these bins make.

Thank you both for working so closely with us through this process and making it so seamless. I hope you are both staying healthy and happy.”

Erin Wagner, CPA CA
Finance Manager, SLS Family Sports Centre

“I can’t tell you how much this container is getting praise around here. The Public Works Director attended an Executive Management Team meeting in that conference room at City Hall with the new unit, and he was sure to let me know that the container received several compliments. These will catch on like wildfire in that beautiful old building that needs better recycling options than just a dumpy blue pail.

Kerry Parker
Program Specialist, City of Alameda

“We were put in contact with Tom Lembo in early October. Within 2 weeks we were able to finalize our full order with ease. Tom always responded to our emails in a timely fashion, even when he was traveling at tradeshows. I value good customer service and I felt it was important to forward this feedback to the company. Tom made this process easy and smooth and answered all questions on our end. Tom even suggested some training tools for our employees in order for our company to become efficient in recycling. It is difficult to find valuable people who truly make a difference with a client, and Tom did exactly that.

Nada Elnabelsya

“The addition of the recycle bins along with the correct location of the bins has been an outstanding success and we look forward to even more improvement with the new bins provided this year that are located at all entrances. We are very pleased with the progress we have made recycling and appreciative of the help we have received.”

Don Phelps
Assistant Stadium Manager, McMahon Stadium

“Thanks for your time this morning. A couple pictures with the receptacles in action! They turned out so great, I am beyond thrilled with them.”

Nicole Flewell
Director of Sustainability, Taylor Farms

“On behalf of the Green Army Team at TSH, I would like to thank Karen Morris for the outstanding patience and the excellent work she has done to help us improve our waste diversion rates.

Melissa Nobrega
Environmental Services Manager, The Scarborough Hospital

“We made a major purchase of two different CleanRiver units for our campus. In both locations, our newly renovated student center and our athletic fields, both aesthetics and function were of utmost importance. The CleanRiver TIM and Excel Slant top units ended up being perfect for the locations. They look great and are very functional. Thank you also for the great customer service through the process!”

Natalie Berland
Manager of Sustainability, Bentley University

“Hello! Just wanted to let you know that the bins arrived on Friday. Everyone (staff and our members) loves them! They look great! I’ve attached a few pictures for you! We’ve moved them all into place and they are being used! Thanks!”

Kerri Vanderbom
Project Coordinator, Lakeshore Foundation

“I wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of the bins. Everyone is very happy with how well they look. We are still in the process of getting them all switched out on grounds, but I wanted to let you know how happy we are. Thanks again!”

Michael Weatherman
Operations Supervisor, Oregon Zoo

“We LOVE the new bins! They look awesome and are definitely what we’ve been wanting. I definitely hope to purchase more bins in the future, I imagine we’ll be looking at additional TRH bins for the academic buildings.”

Brian Webb
Sustainability Coordinator, Houghton College

“The project has been a success and people of the different sites from the Corporation are really integrating the concept. The signs and the bins were perfect for the purpose.

Isabelle D’Amour
Tanguay, Agente d’aménagement des installations/Facility Development Officer Société des musées de sciences et technologies du Canada

“Thank you for everything you did to have my five recycling stations delivered one week before my requested deadline. I truly appreciate the outstanding service! The graphics and the stations as a whole look fantastic, and the staff here at the convention center are also impressed with this quality product.”

Kimberlee Dobbins
Sustainability Coordinator, Virginia Beach Convention Centre

“We tried to have a recycling program before but didn’t have enough manpower to sort the garbage and the bags were too big and heavy to lift out of the bins. We researched some different…

JJ Muehlhausen
Little Rock Zoo

“We have multiple clients that have chosen CleanRiver recycling bins. They are high-quality, durable products with great signage options that help teach users how to properly sort what’s in their hand.

Christina Reeves
Principal Environmental Specialist, Progressive Associates – a Saint Paul, MN-based sustainability consulting firm

“I have had the pleasure of working with CleanRiver for five years. We have purchased a large quantity of the 3 and 4 bin recycling stations for use at several of our facilities across the state (we have 54 facilities from Rockford to Cairo and Quincy to Danville). Based on several factors outlined below, we hope to purchase more in the future.

David B. Miller, SRMP
Illinois Army National Guard