TTC transports up to 70% of their office waste from landfill.


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) takes their impact on the environment seriously; diverting concrete, metal and asphalt waste from landfill. As part of their environmental goal the TTC wanted their Surface Facilities locations across the GTA to do their part and become “No Waste Offices”.


The TTC recognized that to be successful they needed to empower their employees. John Tran, Senior Construction/Service Contract Inspector, says “We wanted to encourage people to change their mindset about the waste they generate.

To achieve this shift in culture the TTC implemented a centralized recycling program. Each employee was given a desk-side recycling bin with a small waste bin attached to it. The employees were then asked to empty their desk-side recycling and waste bins into central recycling containers located at high traffic areas within the office.

Central Recycling Stations were placed at high traffic areas within the TTC Surface Facilities.

Communication was a key component in the TTC’s program. Tran says “An email was sent to each department head before they received the new bins, letting them know about the new “no waste office” program. This messaging was then trickled down to the employees.”

Branding the program as “no waste office” and making sure everyone knew about the program ahead of time gave the department head at each office location a chance to promote the new recycling program and talk about the benefits and goals. This led to it being fully embraced by the employees when the containers arrived.

A good recycling program is constantly evolving. Tran says that when they decided to replace the battery collection stream in some of their containers with organics they simply ordered a new set of graphics and replaced them in the bin. “It was easy to change the signage on our bins, it’s great to know our CleanRiver containers can change with us” says Tran.

Currently the TTC collects organic waste in their kitchens and lunchrooms. Tran mentioned they’d like to start collect organics in their office locations too. Because they have Future Ready Transition containers, they will easily be able to add or remove any streams at any time, which protects their initial program investment.

The TTC receives a recycling rebate for their mixed paper collection. The restrictive openings and clear graphics result in clean streams which is vital for receiving waste hauler rebates.

Tran says “We are happy with our CleanRiver recycling bins they are very durable and they’ve helped us contribute to diverting up to 70% of waste from landfill”.


  • Assisted TTC in achieving up to 70% diversion rate across their office properties.
  • Financial return with mixed paper rebate.
  • Easily updated their program with quick change graphics.
  • Future Ready program means they can easily add organics collection to their existing bins.

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