Recycling Programs and Bins for Facilities Managers

Implementing a commercial recycling program for your facility doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We can help facility managers create programs for a broad range of multi-use buildings that house everything from concerts and conventions to schools, large corporations and even retail space.

Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, Canada’s largest facility with over one million square feet and millions of visitors, turned to CleanRiver for their expertise and today they have a highly successful program with a waste diversion rate of just under 85% (much higher than the city-mandated rate of 70%).

Part of the success is due to the recycling bin graphics. With a multi-cultural and multi-lingual clientele, photos show exactly what goes where – making it really easy to do the right thing. Direct Energy Centre has also fully embraced organic recycling and use compostable packaging and utensils throughout the venue, contributing to less trash. According to their Senior Facility Coordinator, “CleanRiver has helped us all along the way with new products, graphics, and strategic advice that makes our recycling program work even better.”

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