Hospital and Medical Recycling Programs and Commercial Recycling Bins

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Because Hospitals are such large facilities with intricate operations and employee systems, recycling programs most often end up being uncoordinated, and lack support.  Hospital waste is also considered one of the most complex waste streams of any industry and they produce a phenomenal volume.

The Good News?  According to the World Health Organization, about 80% of hospital waste is general waste! Paper is the largest part of the waste stream at hospitals including white paper , cardboard etc. all of which are high value recyclable materials.

Hospitals can take small steps towards reducing their carbon footprint  with the help of CleanRiver Recycling Solutions and become leaders in lowering their carbon output by using renewable eneregy sources, minimizing waste reduction with effective recycling programs, and more.

Learn how Sick Kids Hospital made Recycling a priority after partnering with CleanRiver in this Case Study.

The BevvyBin is just one of many recycling bin solutions ideal for hospitals.  Read our latest blog Why I LOVE the BevvyBin to learn more.

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