Indoor Recycling Bins

Whether you’re looking for recycling bins for high traffic areas, crowded spaces or to fit in with your décor – CleanRiver has an indoor recycling bin to accommodate multiple needs in a variety of sizes and colors to make your recycling program a natural and intuitive part of your day-to-day operations.

  • Transition® TPM 45


    The TPM45 is designed with flowing lines and a multi-textured finish and is able to nest inside itself for economical shipping and storage. An injection molded rim insert adds unprecedented levels of flexibility when deciding on how best to “right size” the capacity of the streams in your bin.

  • Transition® TPM 51


    The Transition® TPM Container provides unprecedented flexibility in a compact footprint. Molded from low density polyethylene (LDPE) made from up to 98% recycled content, it’s recyclable at the end of use which makes the TPM the choice of environmental stewards at all levels.

  • Transition® TMF

    Single stream starting from $715.00

    When adhering to fire code requirements the powder coated metal TMF is ideal. It can be wall-mounted or free standing and features stream-specific, interchangeable openings and internal dividers that adapt to support up to three separate types of waste and recyclables in a single unit.

  • Transition® TWZ

    Starting at $1,750.00

    The TWZ combines elegance and performance and is ideal for when upscale aesthetics are required, Choose from a variety of laminate panels and top surface materials to suit your interior design. Features stream-specific, interchangeable openings and internal dividers that adapt to support up to four separate types of waste and recyclables in a single unit.   High-impact graphic backboards help keep your recycling streams clean.

  • eBin

    2-stream starting from $595.00

    Ewaste recycling bin

    Electronic waste is becoming an important component of recycling programs. This attractive, sturdy container can collect up to 4 separate streams of electronic waste, while the locking mechanism keeps your recyclables secure. Customize the high impact graphics to suit your collection needs. Ideal for placement in high traffic areas. Made from 97% recyclable HDPE. This container complements any recycling program. *Tip – Ensure batteries are collected in the bottom of the bin due to their weight.

  • Excel Pizza Bin

    Starting at $499.00

    Keep pizza boxes from filling up your trash with this easy to use pizza box recycling bin. The Excel Pizza Bin is designed so that the pizza boxes stack on top of one another to avoid bottlenecks in your recycling stream. Use alongside your existing CleanRiver products or on its own.

  • Clearcycle

    1-compartment starting from $685.00

    Designed specifically for when visibility of waste is paramount, conforms to Homeland Security Directive RAILPAX-04-01. The sturdy construction includes clear panels which prevents the waste from being tampered with and when used with clear liners, allows full visibility of contents.

  • BevvyBin™


    Compact Recycling Bin

    The BevvyBin™ is a compact, sturdy 8G bin ideal for office, healthcare, dorm use or residential situations. The hinged lid makes it easy to service and the unique bag tie system prevents waste spills especially when heavy organic waste is collected.