We know you want to live a sustainable lifestyle as much as we do! Haven’t picked your New Year resolutions? We’ve compiled a list for you to choose from, so let’s ring in a sustainable New Year together
  1. Avoid single-use plastic at all costs!!
  2. Choose one item that you buy regularly that comes in disposable packaging and cut it out.
  3. Switch your lights to energy-efficient alternatives.new years resolutions, bike
  4. Pick one day of the week and don’t eat any meat that day! If you don’t mind it, stretch it to two days.
  5. Air dry your laundry.
  6. Donate clothes instead of throwing them out.
  7. Buy second-hand electronics.
  8. Ride your bike to work once a week.
  9. If you typically do laundry twice a week, cut it down to once.
  10. Make DIY cleaning supplies for your house.
  11. Carpool to work.
  12. Switch out your coffee cup for a reusable mug or thermos.
  13. Plan meals ahead of time to avoid food waste.
Pick one or pick all!! Every little bit makes a difference. new years resolutions, coffee, reusable mug___________________________________________________________________________________________________

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