Working or living somewhere that doesn’t have recycling programs in place? If you’re looking to change that, scroll through this blog list and find the recycling program you need. Commercial recycling, office recycling, and even golf course recycling programs can be implemented by following the steps outlined in each blog listed below:

1. Apartment Recycling Programs

If you live in an apartment building or condominium, there are a few small differences to basic blue outdoor recycling bin programs. Most notably the utilization of common areas such as parking lots and hallways by providing proper commercial recycling bins for use.

2.  Hotel & Resort Recycling Programs

Hotel layouts are very similar to apartments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the recycling programs will look the same. If you work in the tourism industry, follow these steps in the link below to implement an effective hotel recycling program. recycling programs list

3. Hospital Recycling Programs

One of the biggest issues facing hospital waste is the “over-classification” of waste related to “red bag” waste. Medical staff may have experienced problems in the past with red bag waste in hospitals being filled incorrectly. One of the best ways to avoid waste contamination is via hospital recycling programs.

4. Small Business Recycling Programs

You don’t have to be a large organization to practice sustainable waste management. Sometimes it’s actually easier to set up a recycling program for smaller businesses than it is with big businesses. If you work at a small business or own a small business… we’ve got you covered.

5. Restaurant Recycling Programs

Speaking of small businesses, restaurants basically fall into the same category. Those small profit margins can be managed better with a proper recycling program. See how a restaurant recycling program can save you money, and in some cases MAKE money: School recycling program

6. School Recycling Programs

What better way to maintain and create sustainable habits than to implement them in places of learning? Turn a recycling program into another part of your education system with this checklist:

7. Office Recycling Programs

Office recycling is something that should be essential in every building. If you don’t already have commercial recycling bins in your office, then all of that paper and e-waste is definitely not being properly recycled. Which means, you’re missing out on very lucrative cash-back opportunities!

8. Golf Course Recycling Programs

Beautiful scenery is one of the main things golfers enjoy on the golf course (especially if they’re having a bad game). Without a proper recycling program in place, that pristine fairway could potentially be compromised. If you don’t want your mowers running over empty cans, and other recyclable waste… then put a new spin on “green recycling” with a recycling program: recycling program guide

9. Amusement Park Recycling Programs

Imagine a water park without a recycling program, or even worse… a Zoo! It may seem like an obscure afterthought when rides and activities are the main attraction, but a recycling program is essential for improving the guest experience.

10. Gas Station Recycling Programs

If you’re like us, you like to get rid of any trash that has been lying around in the car when you go to fill up. Unfortunately, far too many gas stations don’t have proper recycling programs in place. So most of the time everything just gets thrown in 1 commercial trash can. Commercial recycling bins should be the norm for these pit stops - not the other way around!

11. Ski Resort Recycling Programs

Ski resorts are not just winter retreats, many offer summer activities such as mountain biking. That means you’ll need to accommodate the outdoor enthusiasts with proper commercial recycling bins. After all, people who are a fan of the outdoors are typically also fans of keeping the environment clean. Give them what they want, and help them recycle! Recycling posters, recycling graphics, recycling labels, recycle, indoor recycling bin, outdoor recycling container

Essential Recycling Program Information

If you’ve made it through our list of recycling programs and found one that applies to you, it’s time to learn some essential recycling tips! Here’s a list of free ebooks you can download for your reading pleasure. CleanRiver has over 30 years of experience providing recycling solutions for everyone, we’ve got you covered: We’ve also left out a few other less common types of recycling programs that we’ve yet to cover in our blog. If you’d like to read more about these recycling solutions, click the links below: __________________________________________________________________________________________

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