The ongoing pandemic has brought an increased awareness of the importance of safe and sanitary living and working spaces. As covid prevention improves, the likelihood that workers will be heading back to the office in droves is very high. Public spaces like schools, restaurants, shopping malls, and libraries have already seen an influx of traffic in recent months as governments gradually loosen restrictions. With increased foot traffic indoors, health risks also increase. Flu season is right around the corner and despite the reduction in active cases… Coronavirus variants like Delta & Omicron still pose a threat to public health and safety. That means increased precautions should be in place wherever there’s a risk of transmission. Most notably on surfaces that are touched or grabbed often such as door handles, sinks, toilets, and commercial recycling bins. sanitation station Door handles are difficult to clean often so it’s more effective to set up a sanitation station nearby doorways where people can easily disinfect their hands with sanitizer. Toilets and sinks can be automated to eliminate the need for touching these appliances. But commercial recycling bins are harder to avoid touching. Especially if they have lid flaps that need to be pushed in, or small openings that often require extra effort to fit recyclable waste inside. CleanRiver has been providing businesses with custom commercial recycling bins for over 30+ years to improve the way we sort our waste. One of the biggest complaints people have about commercial trash cans is that they are sometimes difficult to use without touching a contaminated surface. We partnered with STIL labs to make our commercial recycling bins more accessible for the visually impaired. Which allows the legally blind to sort their waste properly without needing to touch any dirty surfaces searching for braille. The WasteFinder Accessible Waste Disposal was designed to be stepped on to determine which waste stream the user was standing in front of. waste finder We were making great progress tackling the issue of sanitary waste disposal with other products such as our commercial recycling bins with built-in hand sanitizer dispensers like the popular Transition® CleanStation. However, there was still one lingering problem that we had yet to address… a touchless garbage can. Or in other words, an automatic trash can with a sensor much like the automatic appliances found in public bathrooms.

Introducing Sensi-Lid from CleanRiver Recycling Solutions:

You might be thinking “touchless garbage cans already exist” and you’d technically be correct. Foot pedal trash cans are very popular for use in households, but how often do you see those in public spaces? Not many public spaces are solving the anxiety-inducing problem of touching contaminated commercial trash can lids. Until now! Sensi-Lid touchless garbage can CleanRiver took the idea of touchless garbage cans to the next level with the new Sensi-Lid. Now you can have the same benefits you get from a foot pedal on commercial recycling bins that are much larger in size. The all-new Sensi-Lid by CleanRiver uses a motion sensor-operated lid that allows you to hygienically dispose of your waste without touching the commercial recycling bin. This convenient hands-free technology reduces odours and is tightly sealed to keep bugs and germs away. Even if your hands are full, Sensi-Lid is also foot-activated allowing for easy disposal when waving isn’t an option. Want to learn more about how it works? CLICK HERE! Or watch the short 30-second video below... A Sensi-Lid paired with one of our sanitation stations like the Transition CleanStation will allow employees, customers, and anyone else who shudders at the thought of touching a dirty garbage bin lid some peace of mind. Technology is helping us make life easier in all aspects of our lives, so we might as well utilize that technology and upgrade the way we dispose of our recyclables and waste as well. Are you ready to future-proof your workplace? It's time to go touchless! Your immune system will thank you. ______________________________________________________________ bottom banner CleanRiver Recycling provides a variety of innovative, flexible, and customizable recycling solutions. Start saving money today with our green recycling programs. If you have additional questions that weren’t answered in this blog post please call us at 1-866-479-4038 or email