Spring is in the air, and the weather is finally warming up again. It also means that there’s going to be a lot of spring cleaning to do! At CleanRiver Recycling Solutions, we encourage finding sustainable ways to sort your waste. That includes the waste we produce when it’s time to tidy things up in the spring. While this is a great time to declutter your living spaces, it’s also a great time to do what we like to call “spring recycling”. Spring recycling doesn’t just apply to waste you can put in your outdoor recycling bins at home. It also applies to office recycling and commercial recycling bins. Even if you have a recycling program in place, there are probably more than a few items you’ve forgotten about during the winter that can be recycled properly. With that being said, let’s start the spring clean process:

Spring Recycling Guide

Not to be confused with recycling a spring mattress (although you can recycle box spring mattresses if you follow this simple guide), spring recycling involves adding a few extra steps to your spring cleaning schedule: spring recycling declutter 1. Declutter: gather up all of the items in your house that are taking up too much space in your kitchen, bedroom, or wherever else it may be. Go room-by-room if you have to, clear out those closets, and sort out the junk in the garage… maybe even empty your email inbox while you’re at it! spring recycling organize 2. Organize: avoid the urge to toss everything in a big dumpster (sometimes it may be tempting) and do your best to separate all of your stuff into different piles. They can be sorted any way you like, here’s how we sort our piles:
  • Keep - toss the stuff you’re not ready to part with yet in this pile (it might come in handy)
  • Recycle - metal, cardboard, glass, and everything else you can think of that can be recycled should go in this pile. To save time, throw it right in the recycling bin!
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  • Donate - these are for the items that you don’t want anymore, but someone else would appreciate. Old clothes are better off being donated so they can be reused again.
  • Sell - garage sales, swap and sells, and even eBay might be a good place for this pile of stuff. If you can make money on something you’d have otherwise thrown away, then you’re making your spring cleaning job a little more worthwhile.
  • Repurpose - once again, we prefer to avoid the “throw it away” mentality as often as possible. The things that go in this pile may require a bit of creativity at times, but if it can’t be recycled… maybe it can be reused in a different way?
  spring cleaning and recycling 3. Clean: once you have all of your stuff sorted, it’s time to continue on with your regularly scheduled spring cleaning duties. The only difference is, now you have a better sense of what you’re clearing out of your house. As you clean, look around your home and office with the intention of finding ways you can make recycling and waste disposal easier. Recycling solutions you come up with, like adding a place to throw out all of those used toilet paper rolls in the bathroom can save time later when it’s spring cleaning season again. So there you have it, a green recycling approach to spring cleaning. Keep an eye out for local community drives and recycling collection events trying to capitalize on everyone’s need to declutter. Enjoy the warm weather in a cleaner, greener environment this year! ______________________________________________________________

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