When you’re setting up your Christmas tree this holiday season, I’m sure you’ll get your favourite carols going or have “The Grinch” playing in the background, while enjoying your annual glass of eggnog. Whatever your tradition is, you’ll be enjoying the moment laughing with family and friends, excited for the days to come. The reality is, taking down a Christmas tree isn’t nearly as much fun as putting it up. Here are 5 Christmas tree disposal methods you can follow this holiday season:

1. Curbside Pick-Up

Throughout the month of January, most townships provide the service to pick-up old Christmas trees from the end of your driveway. Every community has a different set of guidelines and pick-up days so it’s important to research your township’s exact program. This will vary based on region. In Aurora, the Christmas tree collection will begin the week of January 7th 2020. The tree cannot be larger than 6ft, if it is you must cut it into smaller pieces. ALL decorations must be removed! They also recommend that the tree is not directly placed in a snowbank, to make removal easier. If you wish to keep your Christmas tree up later in the month, you must then submit a request.

2. Recycling CentersChristmas tree recycling program, Christmas tree disposal, throw out Christmas tree

Find your local recycling centers online and drop your tree off there! You may need to pay for this service, depending on the company. There are multiple locations in Toronto, as well across York Region. York Region’s “Bindicator” goes into detail on how each item should be dropped so that it can be properly disposed of.

3. Fire Stations

Some local fire stations collect old Christmas trees in the New Year! Just research the Fire Station in your area and it will specify online. 

4. Non-Profit Organizations

There are non-profit organizations that will pick up Christmas trees from your house, usually for a small donation. For example, some Scout Troops will come by for and pick up trees in exchange for donations.

5. Reuse!!

There are many ways in which you can reuse a Christmas tree! These sustainable options allow you to utilize the tree to its’ full potential. Some examples include:
  • Use it for firewood *but do not burn the whole tree as pines, firs and evergreens are extremely flammable*
  • Turn the remains into mulch for your garden
  • Compost it at home
  • Sink tree bits into fish tanks  Happy Holidays from the CleanRiver Recycling Solutions team!!
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