Mini Bin™ Program

The recycling program with small size and big impact!

An average North American office worker will generate 2.2 lbs. of waste per day. Unfortunately, without a proper recycling program, most of this winds up in the trash even though, on average, 80% or more is actually recyclable!

The CleanRiver® Mini Bin solves that problem by replacing your tradition desk-side trash can with the five-and-a-half inch tall Mini Bin to collect landfill waste.

When you remove a standard size garbage can and replace it with the 1.5L (0.4 USG) Mini Bin, workers have no choice but to think before they toss. This recycling program creates a much more environmentally friendly office and can even save or generate money, depending on your waste contract.

Mini Bin Features:

  • Material: 100% Recycled polypropylene plastic.
  • Standard colors: Black & Green.
  • Standard imprint: “This is all the GARBAGE I make!”
  • Comes with its own implementation guide.
  • Optional Mini Bin bags and liners.
  • Liner Dispensers keep bin liners organized.
  • Custom imprints available for your recycling slogans or organizational brand.

The Mini Bin has been adopted by hundreds of companies and institutions across North America, and has, in some cases, diverted as much as 70 percent of waste from entering landfills during the pilot program alone!

You can order your Mini Bins online or for more information on how the Mini Bin program can work for you feel free to contact us!

  1. The Mini Bin Program
    The recycling program with small size and big impact!

  2. When to Mini Bin
    See how the Mini Bin can benefit your recycling program

  3. Mini Bin Cost Savings
    Benefits and savings of the Mini Bin program

  4. Implementing The Mini Bin Program
    How to achieve maximum results

  5. Frequently Asked Questions
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