Reducing costs and diverting more waste at Langley Events Centre.

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The Township of Langley wanted to expand their corporate solid waste program called “Responsible” to additional township facilities including the Langley Events Centre (LEC). Their plan was to create and implement a flagship waste management program that would inspire sustainability programs in other facilities.

The LEC is home to many sports teams including the Vancouver Stealth lacrosse team, Trinity Western University Athletics, and various lacrosse and hockey teams from all ages. It’s also used for many community events and weddings.

CleanRiver 3C Solution

The implementation of the LEC recycling program is a perfect example of how the CleanRiver 3C process makes a real impact on sustainable success.


  • Rebranded the solid waste program to a Zero Waste Challenge to inspire buy-in from fans and staff.
  • 3 waste audits identified that 43% of the waste could be composted and 35% could be recycled.
  • Workshops for key stakeholders identified areas of improvement, helped everyone feel involved.
  • A green purchasing program was implemented. Compostable food packaging and bulk condiments are used by vendors, and washrooms contain 100% recycled paper towel and tissue paper.
  • Large garbage cans were removed from offices and replaced with a blue box and mini organics and waste bins. Encourages employees to think twice about what throw out and whether it could recycled or composted.


  • Training for stakeholders and staff on what was recyclable and compostable to empower them to coach fans and visitors on how to sort properly.
  • Consistent use of color and images on the zero waste stations both front and back-of-house.
  • Public education campaign using posters and social media encouraged patrons to sort their waste.
  • Zero Waste Challenge launched during the Langley Rivermen’s first home game. Staff and volunteers assisted patrons in using new zero waste stations.


  • The 36 Transition® zero waste stations easily adapt to changing streams as the program evolves, protecting LEC’s equipment investment.
  • Garbage is collected in clear bags so that recyclable and compostable items can be identified and diverted from landfill.
  • Back-of-house collection program was set up to capture any recyclable materials that could be diverted from the kitchen, concessions and day to-day operations.
  • A new waste and recycling room was constructed which acts as a central housing area for waste and recycling before it is collected by the contractor.


By incorporating the CleanRiver 3C process the LEC were able to implement a high performing waste diversion program that reduced their landfill waste by 63%.

  • Cut waste hauling costs by 50%
  • Increased diversion rate to 50%
  • 63% reduction landfill waste

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