During the winter months ahead, we will be spending more time indoors. To prepare for the increased volume of customers entering inside your business during the pandemic, you’ll need to implement extra safety precautions. Most people should be familiar with how to protect themselves and others from spreading covid-19 by now. However, to make life a bit easier for your customers, it is recommended that your business accommodates for the increased traffic with 1 or more sanitation stations. In doing so, your staff and customers will feel safer inside so your business can maintain a relatively stress-free environment. In the list below we have compiled 7 easy steps your business can take to set up a sanitation station.

How to Set Up a Sanitation Station

The good news is that this is a relatively simple process if you have access to personal protective equipment (PPE). It’s also a good idea to allocate funds that may be required for your business to implement the sanitation stations you need. Depending on where you are located, there could be a grant available.  Did you know that if you live in Canada, the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund has grants to purchase PPE? Successful applicants will receive a relief grant of up to $5,000. The CUSBRF intends to support local businesses of all kinds from across the country (from retailers to barbershops to farmers).  Apply here.  Now let's break-down our list:
  • Touchless Handheld Thermometer - Using a no-contact thermometer on employees and customers before they enter the building displays an extra level of precaution in preventing someone showing symptoms of a fever from entering your business.
  • Masks - The most obvious item to include is disposable masks to give to customers that might enter your place of business without one, whether the masks will be free or not is up to you. CleanRiver is committed to keeping organizations safe and open and now proudly offers our own line of 3-Ply Masks and PPE protection.
  • Sanitary Wipes From key touch points like desks, door knobs and railings, it’s wise to provide disinfectant wipes to staff and customers that may need to touch surfaces that require cleaning afterwards.
  • Gloves - For situations where lots of touching and handling of items and surfaces is unavoidable, your business should provide disposable gloves to simplify the issue of hand contact.  Adding a separate collection stream to your recycling station to specifically collect disposable gloves is a great idea to help avoid contamination.
  • Sanitizer - Often the only element found in most places of business, hand sanitizer is key for extra precautionary measures regarding the use of the previously mentioned items in this list.
  • Signs - If your sanitation station isn’t as obvious as you would like it to be, and notice many people are walking past it, adding signs to your displays helps to improve the usage.  
CleanRiver prides itself on our customer graphics for our recycling programs, if your organization is looking for some support to create custom COVID messaging or signage for your sanitation stands be sure to reach out one of our experts today. sanitation solutions As an added bonus, designing unique display themes relevant to your business can improve the look of these sanitation stations. Incorporating  decorations can make safety more enjoyable for everyone. Don’t forget, this is about improving the customer experience!

Different Types of Sanitation Stations

different types of CleanRiver sanitation stations and sanitation stands Depending on the layout of your business, there are multiple ways to set up a sanitation station. Here are some good examples you can use for your equipment:
  • Freestanding - A simple table or stand might be all you need to satisfy your customers these can be implemented as permanent, or temporary fixtures.
  • Mobile - This can include tables and cabinets that staff can relocate easily throughout the area allowing this particular setup a bit more flexibility in terms of its location.
  • Wall-Hung - Shelves or dispensers mounted on the walls of your business may be more convenient solutions for areas with limited floor space.
  • Digital - In the age of technology, there is always a fancy alternative to the more traditional methods. Digital kiosks can add a more professional look to your sanitation station, but keep in mind not everyone is open to new functional solutions.

Decide What Works Best For Your Business

The beauty of these sanitation stations is that they can work anywhere. Depending on the style of setup you’ve chosen for your place of business, you could just as easily set one up elsewhere in your community. Or maybe even your own home!  Safety procedures don’t have to be a painful experience. Hopefully this guide has helped to outline the process of setting up a sanitation station.  Here at CleanRiver recycling solutions, we’ve already made implementation easy for you so PPE recycling is less painful for you and your customers! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking for more sanitation tips and tricks? Check out these other blogs: bottom banner CleanRiver Recycling provides a variety of innovative, flexible, and customizable recycling solutions. To determine the right solution to meet your needs, use the CleanRiver product selector. If you have additional questions that weren’t answered in this blog post please call us at 1-866-479-4038 or email solutions@cleanriver.com.