Supporting sustainable companies is a great way to give back to the environment! Large corporations play a critical role in sustainability. They can either positively influence the environment or they can play a negative role and cause environmental damage. It’s important to recognize which businesses are making a positive environmental impact, that way we can appreciate and support their efforts. But what companies use sustainable business practices? Let’s take a look at who’s leading the way. In alphabetical order, here are some of the top large businesses known for their sustainability efforts:

1. Accenture

Accenture provides services in strategy, digital, technology, and operations. As well, they have reduced each employee’s carbon emissions by 52%. 

2. Appleenvironmental, sustainable business, recycling

Apple has made it their goal to reduce carbon emissions and to partner with companies that share similar values. They use mostly aluminum instead of other materials because it produces lower emissions. Also, twenty-three of their partners are committed to 100% renewable energy. Click here for Apple's Environmental Responsibility Report.

3. Estée Laudersustainable business, environmentally friendly

This cosmetics company sends zero waste to landfills, as all their waste is either recycled or incinerated and converted into energy. According to Business Wire, the company aims to impact the well-being of 10 million individuals through programs and in regards to health, education and environment.

4. Google

Google, as per usual, is ahead of the game. Their data centers use 50% less energy than most and 91% of total waste is diverted from landfills. They are also known advocates for the environment. They contribute to the protection of critical marine habitats by providing tools for sustainable fisheries.

5. Ikeaenvironmental, sustainable companies, recycling businesses

All of us already love Ikea, but you will even more after you hear that their products are made to cut back on people’s use of energy and water. They manufacture products using sustainable materials and 91% of their waste is recycled or incinerated into energy. 

6. Intel

This well-known technology company recycles 75% of its total waste. By 2020, it strives to achieve zero hazardous waste going to landfills. Click here for Intel's sustainability report. 

7. Patagonia

Patagonia is an activist company that gives 1% of their earnings to environmental organizations. Since 1985, they have donated $89 million and given out over 100 grants.

8. Unileverenvironmental, recycling, sustainable business

Unilever controls big brands, such as; Dove, Lipton, Axe, etc. and has been making tremendous environmental efforts. They plan to cut their carbon emissions in half by 2030 by encouraging sustainable growth.

Looking to make your business or workplace more sustainable? Here are some ideas you can implement in your office:

  • Donate a portion of earnings to environmental efforts or environmental non-profits.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Recycle! Or even better, create a zero-waste plan.
  • Manufacture products from sustainable materials or recycled products.
  • Use energy-efficient products.
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