Have you ever wondered what to do with broken or old recycling bins or commercial trash cans? Ever thought about recycling them? Yes, it’s possible!

Here are some brilliant ideas for putting commercial recycling trash cans to good re-use:

1. Use your commercial recycling trash can as storage.

  • You can store linens, seasonal carpets or pet supplies. 
  • Use to store large tools, such as rakes and shovels, are ideal for storing in a trash can with wheels. 
  • A well-cleaned commercial trash can is an excellent container for pet food storage, especially those large economy-sized bags. 
  • You can use it to store office supplies, items or holiday decorations.
  • Use it to store children’s playthings, Paint one to look like R2D2 from the Star Wars films, or make one look like a cookie monster that gobbles up small toys, LEGOs, etc.

2. Use your recycling bin to carry items to a larger recycling container.

Use your old bin to help you recycle easier. You can hold recyclables in the smaller old bin before putting them in your larger recycling cart or use them as a yard waste container.

3. Upcycle your commercial trash can into a compost bin

Turning a recycling bin into a compost bin is the ideal solution for a recycling bin that might already have a hole or tear in the side.

4. Rain collection with your recycling bin

Forget spending a lot of money on a rainwater collection system. An old bin is a smart and less expensive way to collect rainwater, instead. Here’s a video that shows plenty of different ways to craft a recycling bin into a rain barrel. Keep in mind, that the larger the recycling bin, the more water you will collect for free after heavy rain to use in the garden.


Did you know? Unlike many other commercial trash cans, CleanRiver commercial recycling bins are made out of 100% recycled HDPE (High-density polyethylene).

CleanRiver recycling solutions provide future-ready bins that allow you to change streams as needed and are so flexible that you’ll never have to buy regular trash cans again. 

We also provide custom recycling bins that fit your specific needs. We’ll use a variety of different materials, unique openings and custom graphics to deliver a solution that’s exclusively yours.

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CleanRiver Recycling provides a variety of innovative, flexible and customizable recycling solutions. To determine the right solution to meet your needs, use the CleanRiver product selector.

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