Green Teams are comprised of a group of individuals with a common interest; to make their office/facility more sustainable. The best way to do this is through involvement, communication, and utilizing the office space to its full potential. By implementing eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives you can make your office green! If you’re interested in forming a Green Team, here are 3 easy steps to get the ball rolling:

1. Prepare for the First Meeting

Find a dedicated leader to make arrangements and maintain communication with employees. Start off by inviting staff to the first meeting to raise awareness of the importance of a green office. Then, walk through the facility and take note of different ways the space can be altered to be more environmentally friendly. Examples of this include; implementing a business recycling program, purchasing recycling bins with effective graphics, conserving energy, investing in office plants, and promoting a paperless office.

2. Get People Involvedbusiness, tree planting, cleanriver

Involvement is key! At the first meeting, brainstorm different projects and prioritize which will take seniority. Assign certain projects and tasks to individuals and continue to follow up on progress being made. It’s also important to get employees who are not active members of the Green Team involved! This can be done by sending out updates on what the Green Team is working on via email or in the monthly newsletter. Tree planting days are also a fun way to get everyone out of the office and engaged in environmental efforts.

3. Maintain Momentum Through Communication

Set recurring meetings with the Green Team to follow up on the progress of various tasks. Be sure to continue brainstorming new ideas and updating employees via posters, emails and newsletters. Always remember to keep it fun!! This can be done by adding cartoons, memes and jokes to each method of communication. Other ways to increase involvement and to keep it light-hearted is to host a trivia night or have a pizza lunch! By keeping meetings and updates fun, more people will pay attention and become involved. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For information on business recycling programs, check out our other blogs on recycling in the workplace:

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