Plastic Free July is a global movement where millions of people participate by eliminating or reducing the amount of plastic they use during the month of July. Each person contributes to being part of the solution against plastic pollution and brings awareness to the problem in order to have cleaner streets, oceans, and communities. Together we can make a cleaner and greener planet for everyone! Keep reading to see how CleanRiver is pledging to do our part.

1. Waste Diversion

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at CleanRiver. We believe that we can be a part of the solution and are fully committed to practicing sustainability in all of our day-to-day operations. Manufacturers are normally one of the biggest hits to the environment. There are many stages involved in the manufacturing processes that rely on the use of plastic- especially when it comes to materials, packaging, and shipping! BUT at CleanRiver we are proud to say that we don’t just walk the walk, but we also talk the talk! We have achieved a zero-waste diversion rate of 97%! This is because lean- and green- manufacturing has always been a key focus at CleanRiver. We are continually improving our manufacturing processes and constantly working towards innovative solutions that will provide better quality products to our customers, but also at a lower cost to the environment. CleanRiver was able to divert 11,351,800 milk jugs in 2018 alone!

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Our recycling bins are also made with environmentally responsible materials that contain the highest possible percentage of recycled content available. Throughout the production process we reuse and recycle any cut-offs and debris by collecting the excess materials and sending it back to our suppliers who recycle them into new high-density polyethylene lumber (HDPE) that we use to make our bins into other consumable products!

2. Mini-bins

We also incorporate sustainable practices throughout our facility, including our recycling program. We are committed to strive for better solutions for plastic free July. We encourage our staff to be mindful of the amount of plastic they use at their desks by adopting the mini-bin program.


This is a great program that brings awareness to the amount of waste being generated by each person, and by having them keep this small bin at their desk we have found that this diverts a lot of excess plastic and waste, as well as it makes our workers think before they toss!

3. Litter-less Lunches

We practice litter-less lunches by bringing our meals in reusable tupperware and refillable bottles. Every CleanRiver employee receives their own CleanRiver branded Swell reusable water bottle, eco-friendly lunch bag, and glass lunch container! Additionally, a few years ago we took the initiative to join the “STOP SUCKING” challenge. We took a pledge to stop using plastic straws that end up polluting our beautiful oceans. We swapped out our plastic straws for durable metal straws and will continue to challenge our peers to STOP SUCKING!


4. #NeverWasteAMoment

We have recently launched a new CleanRiver challenge! The #NeverWasteAMoment challenge encourages participants to pick up the trash and plastic that has been left polluting our sidewalks, parks, beaches, and beautiful communities. Take a video/picture of yourself picking up litter and post it online with the hashtag #NeverWasteAMoment. Nominate a friend to do the same and watch as your community becomes cleaner and less polluted!


At CleanRiver we know that no environmentally friendly effort is wasted and each step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction! Now what can YOU do for Plastic Free July?
  • There are so many alternatives to plastic wrap and plastic baggies! Consider packing your items in a more environmentally friendly and durable material (such as glass tupperware) the next time you bring your lunch to work.
  • Speaking of lunch, consider bringing reusable cutlery that you won’t have to toss after just one meal!
  • Purchase cotton or canvas bags that can be used for grocery shopping. These are great for picking up a loaf of bread, stuffing full with fresh produce, or even just to carry all of your items at the checkout instead of using the store’s plastic bags.
  • Participate in one of our challenges! You can refuse plastic straws or take a walk this summer and throw out just one piece of litter you see.
  • Never forget the classic- REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!
  • Check out Plastic Free July’s website for more ideas on how you can reduce plastic pollution this month!
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