Kids love to do crafts. Using recycled objects to make crafts is a fun way to teach kids about the benefits of recycling. We’ve created a list of some really creative ways to use recycled items. Your kids will enjoy making these cute art projects and creating colourful decorations for the garden.

1. Bottle Cap Fish

Create your own underwater paradise full of colourful fish, plants and bubbles. Collect plastic bottle caps from water and drink bottles. Paint the caps bright colours and make a whole school of friendly fish.

2. Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

This idea is definitely for the birds! Save up toilet rolls. Cover them in peanut butter, roll in bird seed and hang them outside. Delight in watching all the birds flocking to these tasty feeders. wetones14

3. Recycled CD Spring Birds

Who doesn’t have a stack of old CDs lying around? Kids will love turning your old CDs into all different kinds of birds, complete with feathers, beaks and googly eyes.

4. Egg Carton Dragonfly

Here's a perfect recycling project for school. Turn egg cartons into colourful dragonflies with this fun paper craft. Kids can paint the egg cartons in their favourite colours and make antennas out of pipe cleaners. You can almost hear all the dragonflies buzzing around! Recycling project for kids

5. Water Bottle Fish

Instead of tossing your empty water bottles into the recycling bin, turn them into bright-coloured fish with this fun recycling project for kids. By flattening the bottles, you can make them into all kinds of weird and wonderful shaped fish.

6. Tin Can Creatures

There’s nothing better than little clusters of bright and colourful ladybugs decorating your garden. This is a fun way to recycle tin cans and give them a new life outdoors.

7. Homemade Wind Chimes

You can also use recycled tin cans to make your own wind chimes for your porch. Paint and decorate the tin cans. Hang different items, like metal washers or nuts, inside the cans to experiment with a variety of sounds. Recycling project for schools

8. Papier-mâché Plant Pots

You can turn large beverage bottles or food containers into a rainbow of brightly coloured plant pots with paper scraps and glue. Perfect for sitting on an indoor plant shelf or when you give someone a plant as a gift.

9. Hanging Planters

Large plastic bottles take on a new life as beautiful hanging planters. Kids will enjoy filling their planters with soil and watching their plant creations grow. For more information on recycling for kids, check out our blogs 4 Simple Ways To Get Your Kids To Recycle and How To Motivate Elementary, High School, and University Students To Recycle
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