You may have heard that the current job market is heating up in a big way. Whether you call it the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle, or simply an employee’s job market… there are plenty of work opportunities to take advantage of! Even here at CleanRiver recycling solutions, we’re hiring for various roles. If you’re looking for a job in a sustainable sector where you can feel good about your contributions, then look no further than the following commercial recycling jobs and sustainable career opportunities that are in high demand:

1. Water Resource Specialist

Nothing is more important than water, and as a water resource specialist, your job is to protect it. This job puts you in charge of checking local or regional water sources for contamination and ensuring they are used sustainably. You will also write press releases to keep the public informed on water safety, conservation, and recycling concerns.

2. Product and Packaging Designer

sustainable packaging job While this is not necessarily a typical career path someone looking for sustainable recycling solutions would take, it falls under the circular economy category. Recycling is a solution to a preventable problem. If the product and packaging designers focus on recyclable packaging and sustainable material sourcing… the ultimate goal of a high-functioning circular economy inches closer to becoming a reality.

3. Commercial Recycling Truck Drivers

Recycling programs don’t work without drivers. Collecting recyclables year-round in all weather conditions, recycling truck drivers are the heartbeat of any sustainable waste collection operation.

4. Material Recovery Facility Manager

Much like how drivers are the means of transportation for recyclable materials, MRF managers keep commercial recycling facilities working efficiently and safely. They’re also typically in charge of hiring and training employees. Similar to how a recycling program is used to educate people on what can and can’t be thrown into an office recycling bin. Keeping a constant flow of recyclables collected, sorted, processed, and sold requires a sustainability-minded supervisor.

5. Recycling Collection Route Managers

commercial recycling jobs This position is essentially the glue for commercial recycling truck drivers and recycling facility managers to collaborate with. To collect recyclables in the most efficient way possible, route managers are required to plan routes and schedules for recycling truck drivers to follow, and recycling facilities to coordinate around.

The Future of Recycling Jobs:

The circular economy is predicted to create over 250,000 new jobs in the next 10 years in cities like London, England alone! With sustainability and climate change trends increasingly becoming more popular, a career in recycling is the right choice.

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