The global pandemic has changed our way of acting and interacting. Physical distancing and ensuring the environment we operate is sanitized is critically important. As you consider re-opening your business here are 3 ways to help transition your business to a more sanitized environment:

1. Assess Your Needs

Ensure your employees are properly protected with Personal Protective Equipment. Ask yourself the question, what's the most effective PPE for your employees to keep them safe? Face masks, face shields, gloves? Make sure to take into consideration all of the daily tasks and interactions each department will have. Check with your local health authorities to review mandates that have put into place. Many governments will provide regulation and best practices guidelines and support. For example, in Ontario: visit this page for more information. Also, be sure to revaluate your cleaning schedule in order to ensure the entire facility is being properly maintained and sanitized. If your business has a production floor, these visits may need to be even more often as there are a lot of people working in a confined space and are always using their hands.

2. Initiate a Conversation About Sanitation

It is critical to outline and communicate the new changes that are being taken in your workplace. Creating a Covid-19 Handbook is a great way to ensure proper communication of new health and safety protocols that have been created. Remember to include your new or revised visitor policies to ensure all employees are kept safe. Following those steps, gather a team of like-minded individuals to form a group with the intention of informing the rest of the staff on the protocol on how to maintain a sanitized workplace. Here are a few points to consider:sanitation best practices, sanitation station
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Throw your trash away versus leaving it out
  • Clean up your workspace at the end of every day, including wiping it down with sanitized wipes
  • If you must use common areas in the cafeteria, be sure to wipe down surfaces after use
  • Ensure to keep a safe social distance (6 ft) from all other employees at all times
  • Ensure there’s a schedule set in place to ensure manufacturing workers can also maintain this distance
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly and have it positioned throughout the building.
  • Be careful what you touch and avoid touching your face
  • Stay home if you’re feeling ill

    3. Order Sanitation Solutions for your Office

CleanStream, PPE, reycling bin, transitionBy implementing sanitation solutions into your office, you will be taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of employees and to transition your business to a more sanitized environment. Our portable, no-touch hand sanitizer stand ensures your facility, employees, and visitors stay safe and protected from high- traffic areas. 100% recyclable at end of life. Another alternative is The Transition CleanStation as an effective and sustainable way to be prepared for opening your business. Help to keep your facility clean and prevent the spread of bacteria and germs by collecting waste. Streams can be added and transitioned from your current CleanRiver bins, with the purpose of collecting PPE or you can purchase individually. For more information on either product, feel free to contact us. Just like with recycling, posters and graphics are an important way to communicate standards.  Ensure you have the posters in all languages that are spoken in your workplace. Covid-19 is changing weekly, and even daily.  It is critical to ensure you constantly review your company and employee’s health and safety needs. Check in with your employees (over zoom if working remote) to check in and review them on any changes to the policy. __________________________________________________________________________________________

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