The CleanRiver Mini Bin is a highly effective and cost efficient way to save money by communicating the importance of recycling throughout your organization. The CleanRiver Mini Bin is a 5-and-a-half inch tall desktop garbage can. It causes a change in culture by empowering people to think before they toss their waste and ask themselves whether it could be recycled instead. When combined with a strong communication plan the Mini Bin program will generate big cost savings and increase your diversion rate. The CleanRiver Mini Bin generates cost savings in three ways:
  • Reduces landfill waste which decreases waste hauling costs
  • Decreases or eliminates bin liner costs
  • Reduces custodial fees when used in conjunction with central location recycling
Hennepin County Government Center, Minnesota, replaced 3,000 employee desk side garbage cans with CleanRiver Mini Bins. At the same time they implemented central location recycling which meant that employees were responsible for emptying their Mini Bin and recycling bin into central recycling stations on each office floor. Financial ROI for Hennepin County
  Cost Savings/year
Program Investment $28,000
Savings on Waste Bin Liners1 ($7,000)
Waste Hauling Savings2 ($2,500)
Custodial Fees3 Reallocated service
Total $28,000 $9,500 per year
Payback period4 = $28,000/$9,500 = 3 years
  1. Under desk garbage cans were removed so Hennepin County didn’t need to purchase liners anymore.
  2. Due to the decrease in landfill waste, Hennepin County Government Center saw a reduction in their waste hauling fees.
  3. Hennepin county decided to reallocate custodial time to other areas of the facility.
  4. The investment for the Mini Bin program will be paid off in as little as 3 years.
Industry leader Graybar, also generated significant savings when they replaced 550 employees’ desk-side trash cans with CleanRiver Mini bins. The CleanRiver Mini Bins helped Graybar increase their diversion rate from 15% to 65%. This reduced their waste hauling collections by 50% which led to significant savings in their waste hauling fees. [video_wrap}[/video_wrap] Help your organization save money while diverting more waste from landfill. Order CleanRiver Mini Bins online or call 1-888-628-5756 to get a quote. Learn more about the CleanRiver Mini Bin program.